Having discovered mice in one if my outbuildings I thought it time to place a few traps. A week or so later and I’ve got ride of 20 mice and counting. I really didn’t think the outbuilding was that big! Oh well, it looks like the owl or farm cats from nearby have been getting a free meal from the disposed furry little critters!


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Rear raised beds finally weed matted


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Flower beds


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Spring bulbs

Have you ever started a job the wished you hadn’t? Today was a bit like that. Last year I bought about 3000 Winston Churchill daffodils (well I think they are narcissi). I planted them in my nursery raised beds as I didn’t have time to put them all where I wanted. After they had flowered I lifted them and stored them in well ventilated crates knowing that I would have to replant them all again the following year.

Well the time to replant arrived today…something I’d been putting off for a couple of weeks. After plenty of back breaking digging 8 crates of daffodils have gone into the garden along with 200 hyacinths. I’m sure next year the display make all the work worthwhile!

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Corn harvest….. Well a small harvest at least


A couple of corn cobs freshly picked. I suspect there would have been more had the rabbits not yanked out some of the small plants when they went in.

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Collecting seeds in the rain

The rain has been coming down most of the day. Luckily it wasn’t too bad while I was up a ladder mending a tiny bit of the stable roof to try to make sure the rain gets directed into the guttering we put up last year which now feeds into our water butts.

I even had time to pump water out of one of the full ones connected to the downpipe from the house in anticipation of further rain this week.

Finally…. A bit of Autumn dead heading has provided plenty of seed heads from my Coreopsis Early Sunrise now drying out on the herb drier.


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Windy day

Well today has started off a bit windy, not the kind of wind that blows across the Highlands of Scotland, but enough to make me check that it hasn’t blown anything not tied down to the far side of the paddock.

I remember we had one of those temporary greenhouses when we bought the place, but hadn’t yet moved in. One night we got back from work and them popped up only to see a gap where it used to be. The greenhouse cover and half the poles had blown 100 metres away and were wedged halfway up a conifer.

Speaking of conifers… We are bordered on two sides with really tall ones. Whenever its windy I’m constantly looking to see if any of their huge branches have come crashing down, knowing that it will be a dirty job having to saw it all up and get rid of it.

Fingers crossed none come down today. So far so good!

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