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I never promised you a rose garden

…but given I now have 121 rose plants to pot up the possibility of getting one is more than likely!

Reminds me of my Summer job before going to University working at Proctors Nurseries, where for 3 days straight all I did was cut off thorns so that the buds could be applied to the base rose plants in the ground. For a while I hated roses!

Hopefully come summer the garden will be awash with colour!


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One pond finally drained

When we bought the property it was only when we got rid of the nettles that we discovered not one, but two man made ponds next to each other. One looked quite healthy with a variety of plants in it, and has been used by moor hens to have their babies. The second one on the other hand looked like a swamp, complete with a plastic bin in the middle of it with weeds growing out of it. As we had no need for two ponds we decided to drain one, and then fill it in.

Below the gaffer (better known as my wife) has finally removed most of the pond liner before puncturing what was left. Now I just need to fill the whole. I’ll add it to the ever growing to do list.

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One step forwards two steps back?


No roof.... and no logs undercover now they've been moved

When we bought our place we asked for some high trees quite close to the property to be lopped before we agreed to exchange and complete. When we finally got the keys there were loads of really large sections of the lopped trees that need to be moved. To get them out of the way, it took blood and sweat (no tears) to drag them into the nearest outbuilding.

When we got round to sprucing up the outbuildings in question all the wood was dragged out again and I took the opportunity to chainsaw it up into more manageable pieces and then split the wood into logs. We then moved it into an outbuilding that was in an even worse state of repair.

Well, the time came a few weeks ago to take the roof and all the various bits and pieces off that outbuilding with a view to repointing some of the brick work, in order to get a new wooden frame to put a new roof on.

So today I have spent the whole day moving all my logs for the third and final time. It feel like one step forward and two back – but we are slowly getting there!

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Turning moles to your advantage?

It seems that now the snow has gone our little friends the moles have been rather busy.

I’ve tried mole traps – but the moles just seem to dig around them, so instead of seeing them as a problem, I’ve decided to put their hard work to some good use, and use all the lovely topsoil they have unearthed to pot things up.

If you can’t beat ’em!


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Water harvesting

As we want to grow things we thought it would be sensible to collect rainwater for when it becomes dry. We chose to get 10 IBCs (the stuff food is shipped in). Ours came with the remnants of liquid malt. A good tip is not to pour it out on the floor as last year having just bought the house I did just that and came back to a mass of wasps who clearly love the stuff.

We now have the capability of storing 10,000 litres of rainwater and have hooked up some to the downpipes on the stables.

Now I just need a cheap and easy system of pumping the water to where we will finally need it.

Any tips of comments are of course welcome.

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