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I recently put a load of lupin seeds into seed trays and small plant pots. The aim was to have them grow in the greenhouse over the Winter to provide a decent display next year. Imagine my surprise when one of the plants decided to flower in October. Oh well – rather than leaving it in the greenhouse we have moved it into the house to enjoy the rather small floral display.


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Treating your dahlias mean?

This year we have had a really good display from our dahlias. Interestingly having grown far too many from seed I stuck some of the more straggly weak looking ones in one of the raised beds in the rear paddock and just left them to fend for themselves. No weeding (hence all the nettles in the far side of the bed). No watering and no feeding, and yet even these have produced a decent enough display for a plant not grown from a tuber.


Treating them mean?

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